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Orit Elhanati Pink Sky yellow-gold medium necklace x4a1hb6
Orit Elhanati Pink Sky yellow-gold medium necklace
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Is Lending Club planning to add a new loan grade AA to their platform? There is no conclusive evidence, however I have discovered strange anomalies that would support this. Within the website there appears to be references to a loan grade of AA .


The following is the source HTML from the main investing page located at Angara Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant with Ribbon Bale 5DR0is
. You can go to this page and view the source yourself.

<li><span class="gradeText2L AA">AA</span> <span id="pie-legend-AA-percentage" class="gradeText2LPercentage">(0)</span></li>

Notice the top line references a loan grade of AA. Another thing to point out is the class of the span element is “ gradeText2LAA “. If you look at the their combo CSS file there is an explicit CSS tag to hide this AA grade from the user’s view.

The display:none means don’t show. What does the “2L” in the class name mean? Programmers usually give very literal names to their program elements. Perhaps 2L means “two length” as to indicate the formatting of this loan grade block has twice as many characters, thus requires special formatting to fit.

A CSS sprite is a technique web applications use to reduce requests to web servers, subsequently reducing latency and page load times. Lending Club makes use of these to display the background color of their loan grades. I took a snap shot of their sprite and it also confirms the existence of a AA loan grade if you look at the colors:

There are a total of 8 loan color boxes. If I link the colors up to what information we have we find a very compelling case for the existence, or at least platform support for AA loans

AA (New Loan Grade) A B C D E F G

Much of the reason behind this owes to something called the entourage effect . We all know that delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol – THC – is the molecule in cannabis that provides us our high. Sativa, indica, and hybrid strains all contain THC, so what makes one different from the other?

Well, that’s like noting that cars all have transmissions that when powered turn the wheels to propel it forward. Other parts matter – a gas engine vs an electric motor, a light aerodynamic body vs a heavy bulky body, a NASCAR driver vs grandma behind the wheel, clean dry roadways vs. snow-covered, fog-blanketed ones, and so on.

Likewise, other parts matter in cannabis. Another cannabinoid – cannabidiol or CBD – mitigates the psychoactivity of THC. Thus, your Durban Poison grown in an environment that caused it to produce more CBD will get you less of that heady, buzzy high than you’re expecting.

Cannabis also contains molecules known as terpenes. These are the chemicals that give marijuana its variety of scents and are found in all sorts of plants. They include pinene (you smell that in pine needles), linalool (in lavender), and limonene (in citrus plants), among many others.

One of these terpenes is called myrcene . It’s also found in hops and ismore likely the reason you feel couch-lock effects from indicas over sativas.Krymon deCesare, chief research director at Steep Hill Halent Lab in Oakland, Kenneth Jay Lane Multi Pink Lily Pin Multi pink LG18t6szE
“We found consistently elevated levels of the terpenoid myrcene in C. indica , as compared to C. sativa.”

Myrcene , deCesare explains, “is the major ingredient responsible for ‘flipping’ the normal energetic effect of THC into a couch lock effect.” That myrcene in hops backs up the theory.”Notice the warm, relaxed feeling you get from a couple of hoppy beers?” deCesare asked. “That effect is, to a good extent, due to the myrcene present from the hops.”

Thus, it may not be just the THC/CBD values we look to in the future to judge our cannabis. DeCesare showed how myrcene content below 0.4% didn’t seem to affect THC’s high, but over that amount started to flip it from “heady” to “couch lock”. Soon we’ll have to add myrcene and other terpene content to truly judge our strain purchases.

This is further necessary thanks to recent studies that have shown our consistency in naming our strains leaves a lot to be desired. Last year, researchers in Canada published a study called Satya Jewelry OM Labradorite Adjustable Ring Brown 1 Size FPQjLkd1ts
. They found that in many cases, the supposed variety of cannabis strain wasn’t exactly what it was purported to be:

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Helping Communities Around the World

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Annually, Webster University sponsors a campus-wide community service day in partnership with local agencies and nonprofit organizations. Students, faculty, staff and alumni work in teams on projects including tutoring, painting, gardening, working with children or seniors, park and trail restoration, and fine arts projects.

Upon his arrival in 1994, former President Dr. Richard S. Meyers implemented a campus-wide community service day. The first WWW day was held on November 8, 1995. Teams and individual Webster students, faculty, staff and alumni identified a need in their neighborhoods. Through partnerships with local non-profit agencies, hospitals, parks, daycare centers and schools, volunteers took one day off from work and school to volunteer at various projects and help those in need.What the volunteers and agencies learned from the experience left a lasting impression. Whether improving a playground, doing office work for a non-profit agency, raking leaves, painting a wall, delivering meals to the elderly or entertaining an appreciative audience, volunteers and service recipients alike shared an increased understanding of our interdependency - how even one day can make a difference to someone in need.Today, Webster's annual community service day – appropriately titled Webster Works Worldwide – has grown into a worldwide University tradition. Held every October, volunteers and agencies alike look forward to partnering on projects that really matter to the community.Since the start of Webster Works Worldwide, more than 35,000 volunteers have given more than 147,000 hours of service. No matter how Webster University volunteers choose to donate their time, they make a difference in their communities and help those in need. Because of every individual's effort, Webster Works Worldwide continues to grow in impact and meaning.

Nevada Humane Society Reno 2825 Longley Lane, Suite B Reno, NV 89502-5942 Office: (775) 856-2000 Fax: (775) 284-7060 Angara Ruby Heart Necklace in 14k White Gold July Birthstone Pendant h7tNdtTKQ
By appointment Lydell Nyc Floral Drop Earrings Teal BMq7T5JY
Low cost spay/neuter by appointment

Nevada Humane Society Carson City Animal Services 549 Airport Road Carson City, NV 89701 Office: (775) 887-2171 Fax: (775) 887-2128 Licensing and Redemption (Carson City Only): 8:00 am – 6:30 pm daily

Adoptions and Donations (Reno and Carson City): 11am - 6:30pm | Monday - Friday 10am - 6:30pm | Saturday 11am - 6:30pm | Sunday Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

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